At Show Car Detail we are differentA proper detail of any vehicle takes time, proper technique, and quality products to make a detail worth the investment. Detailing is about paint management. All car paints are different and knowing those differences allow us to customize a paint and finish maintenance system for your car. We take great steps to ensure your car gets proper care and attention. No jewelry or cell phones will be worn during the detail process. We wear an apron so that there is no chance for an accidental scratch while detailing your vehicle. We hand wash your vehicle with quality wash mitts, compressed air, and use clean micro fiber towels to dry the vehicle – which are not used again once the drying process it complete. 

​When you arrive to pick up your car, we will discuss what we found, the paint condition and proper care of your detail investment. Come in for a  FREE estimate and will be happy to do a demonstration for you on your own vehicle. It’s a real eye opener!

My name is Steve Reglewski. I am an ASE Certified Journeyman Technician and I started Show Car Detail in 2006 because of my passion for cars.  With over twenty five years experience in the automotive industry, I believe that any car can be a Show Car. We use only the finest products that meet our professional standards. From domestics to exotics, your vehicle is a reflection of you. And I want  you to look good. 

Steve Reglewski, 
Paint Management Specialist