A proper detail of any vehicle takes time, proper technique, and quality products. We take specific steps to assure a amazing finish. Each vehicle is hand-washed with two buckets of water and two wash mitts – one for the top half and one for the lower half of the vehicle.  Compressed air is used to dry the vehicle crevices with soft micro fiber towels used for the body of the car. Bonded contaminants are removed from the paint, glass and wheels with a Clay Bar which creates a clean surface that allows all detailing chemicals to bond too. From there, the vehicle is thouroughly polished to give your vehicle that new car shine. A glaze is applied which provide nutrients the clear coat needs to guard against UV rays. It's like a sunscreen for your vehicle!
We also offer Ceramic coatings to protect your vehicle for up to 5 years. We can coat the glass, wheels, and of course paint. Contact us for more details.

The interior is detailed with a full vacuum, cleaning all of the panels, vents, instrument cluster, cup holders, map pockets. Carpeting and rugs are shampooed and the interior is then sterilized with bacteria eliminator. Lastly, all leather, vinyl and fabrics are conditioned and windows are cleaned to streak-free shine. *We DO NOT use greasy slippery products on the interior. 

We offer several other services like engine bay details, under carriage details, head light restoration, and much more. Interested in a vehicle detail? Contact us for more information.